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Insurers face the risk that insured home are evolving while the associated contracts do not. The asymmetry of information lead to underwriting risk which is often overlooked.


With the Building Knowledge Centre solution, you can perform requests at portfolio level to process building information, at scale.

Your clients’ building information remain up-to-date, anytime.

Portfolio refresh & analytics

Stay up-to-date with your portfolio of clients

Better assess your customers’ insurance risk profile

Explore new opportunities

Portfolio refresh v2.png

Stay up-to-date on your portfolio of customers

Refresh your home insurance portfolio at once to update property attributes and ensure accurate pricing at renewal.


Your clients’ building information remain up-to-date, anytime.

Quickly identify changes in property profiles whenever customers made investments to their homes

Identify underinsured properties and take actions in relation with your own guidelines

Better Identify your risks

do not react, anticipate

Too often insurers face premium-to-cost surprises once the risk turned real.


Identify profitability and risk areas within your portfolio by deriving custom risk analytics such as underinsurance or premium-to-cost indicators.


Make your analysis 360. Measure home risk profile at different coverage levels: city , zip-level code, district or even per-agent coverage area.


Unlock New business opportunities

Assess properties risk profile before you meet with prospects.


Identify new market and target new customers in accordance with your selected risk profile.


Gain access to neighborhood, district, or zip-code-level property information to help you improve your investment decisions


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