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Underwriting support

Up-level your underwriting

Collect key building information in real time.

Improve your underwriting pricing and customer experience

With the Building Knowledge Centre, it only takes a few seconds to gather building information thanks to satellite and street-view image analysis combined with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms

Turn aerial and street-view imagery into property intelligence

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Property attributes.png

Robust and real-time online quoting

Obtain property attributes in real time before a customer requests a quote.

Estimate underwriting price at both renewal and new business by leveraging on the large range of available attributes, both from aerial and street view sources.

Offer the true  price right away, not changing the price after the policy is already bound.

Optimize agents’ decision making and inspection resources

Home inspections represent a significant expense for insurance companies in terms of cash and time spent.


By leveraging street-view and geospatial imagery combined with deep learning technologies, the Building Knowledge Centre allows agents to access information up-front

Agents make faster and solid initial underwriting decisions

They can direct their inspection resources more efficiently and dedicate more time to the real added value like customer relation and getting new prospects

Adapt the home coverage to your customer’s needs

Once a property is underwritten its profile is rarely updated afterwards, while investments are being made.

The Building Knowledge Centre allows to update the property profile in real time, anytime.


Your customers extended their home or they invested in a new swimming pool: they get the coverage they need in accordance with their true property profile

A broad range of available features

Cadastre level

Cadastre level

Building ground surface Parcel surface

Street-view level

Street-view level

Building Heights Building glazed ratio Number of stories Garage doors Portal gates Non-rolling shutters

Roof level

Roof level

Solar panels Skylights Dormers Roof shape

Yard level

Yard level

Swimming pool Garden shelter Tree coverage

Insurance metrics

Insurance metrics

Reconstruction cost



Flood risk

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